Business Funding

0% APR Business Funding

Platinum Financing Group has been able to help hundreds of businesses acquire the funding they need in order to move their business forward without having to show financials, a business plan, tax return, income verification or collateral… the funding at 0% APR is the highlight AND this 0% APR business credit does not report on the personal credit report.

Businesses owners like this program because it helps them cover their expenses while keeping their business running and expanding. Funding can be used for so many purposes such as: expansion, working capital, purchase of inventory, equipment, hiring, debt consolidation, marketing, advertising, to name a few. A very popular use for this funding is for real estate investing. When the funds are at 0% APR, real estate investors can get a much higher return on their investment. What’s more, not having to show financials is a huge advantage.

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Unsecured Business Loans

Platinum Financing Group can pre-qualify you for a business loan without doing a hard pull of your credit. The amount of funding starts at $50,000 and financials are required. Rates are very competitive with convenient repayment terms. Funds can be used for expansion, advertising, marketing, asset purchase, hiring, debt restructuring, real estate investing, or for the financial flexibility of your daily operations. Whether you need to hire more employees or a short-term cash infusion to cover taxes, Platinum Financing Group can help you determine the right financing solution for your business.

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Secured Business Loans

Secured loans offer a better APR as they are collateralized with a commercial or residential real estate property. The amount of the loan cannot exceed the amount of equity. In many cases, the owner of the property does not have to be the borrower.

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