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Business Funding

Business Funding

Business Funding for ANY Purpose (Including Real Estate Funding)



Pre-qualify for a loan between $25,000 to $5 Million

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0% APR Business Funding

Acquire fast and easy business funding at 0% APR


Fix & Flip Real Estate Loans

Rates Starting at 8.99% at 80-100% Purchase Funding


Commercial Real Estate

Upwards of $100 Million with 30 Year Terms Available



Pre-qualify for a loan between $25,000 to $5 Million

☑️ Term Loans for Existing Businesses and Start Ups

☑️ 6 Months to 10 Year Terms

☑️ Contact Platinum Financing to prequalify for a term loan

Business Loans

Term Loan: A traditional loan where you receive the funding upfront and repay the principal plus interest over a set period, providing stability and predictability in your financial planning.


Business Line of Credit

☑️ 6+ Months in Business

☑️ $5,000+ Monthly Gross Sales

☑️ 600+ FICO Score


Business Line of Credit: It provides you with access to funds as needed. You only pay interest on the amount borrowed or utilized, making it a versatile solution for managing cash flow and seizing opportunities.


Merchant cash advance

☑️ 3+ Months in Business Bank Statements

☑️ $5,000+ Monthly Gross Sales

☑️ Fast Funding

☑️ No Minimum FICO


Merchant Cash Advance: Ideal for businesses with fluctuating sales, a merchant cash advance allows you to borrow against future credit card sales or daily deposits. Repayment is based on a percentage of daily sales, offering flexibility during revenue fluctuations.


Equipment Financing

☑️ No Minimum Time in Business

☑️ No Minimum Monthly Gross Sales

☑️ 580+FICO

Equipment Financing: Gain a competitive edge with upfront equipment financing, allowing you to acquire essential assets and pay off the cost over the equipment’s useful life, optimizing cash flow.


Accounts Receivables Financing

☑️ Aging AR Report Required

☑️ $500,000+ Annual Gross Sales

☑️ No Minimum FICO


Accounts Receivable (AR) Financing: Leverage your outstanding invoices to access capital quickly. AR Financing offers lower rates and uses your invoices as collateral, providing liquidity to your business.


0% APR Business Funding


Platinum Financing Group has successfully assisted business owners in obtaining business credit cards without the need to provide financials, provided they have a strong credit history in place.

With a 0% APR business credit card, you can benefit from an interest-free period for both balance transfers and purchases. The duration of the 0% APR varies depending on the credit card.

‍One of the significant advantages of these business credit cards is their ability to facilitate the transfer and settlement of high-interest credit card balances and loans effectively reducing interest fees. This feature enables you to manage debt more effectively and focus resources on growth while maintaining operational continuity and supporting business expansion.

These 0% APR business credit offer additional benefits such as cash back, sign-up bonuses, rewards points and travel rewards.

Importantly, they do not report on personal credit reports preserving your personal credit standing.


Fix & Flip Loans

Rates Starting at 8.99% at 80-100% Purchase Funding


☑️ Available for new properties and rehabs

☑️ Rates starting at 8.99%

☑️ 80-100% Purchase Funding

  1. Up to 65% LTV based on After Repair Value
  2. Up to 70% LTV Considered on Case by Case Basis
  3. Rehab Budget Limited to 100% of Purchase Price
  4. Certain Adverse Background History Considered
  5. 3 Months Most Recent Bank Statements
  6. No Tax Returns Required
  7. 650 Fico minimum required

Commercial Real Estate

Upwards of $100 Million with 30 Year Terms Available

Requirements for Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Whether you are buying, selling or leasing commercial property, understanding the standard requirements is essential for a successful outcome. While specific details vary, these are the key elements generally involved:

✔️ Financial Strength Lenders and sellers want assurance that you have the financial capacity to handle the transaction.

✔️ Credit Scores: Your personal credit history (and that of any business partners) impacts your eligibility and financing terms. 

✔️ Business Financials: Income statements, balance sheets and cash flow projections demonstrate your business’s health and ability to manage debt or lease payments.

✔️ Down Payment or Deposit: Most commercial real estate transactions require a significant down payment or earnest money deposit. Be prepared to show proof of available funds.

real estate

Property Documentation Thorough due diligence is crucial. Expect to provide or receive:

  • Appraisal: An independent assessment of the property’s fair market value is essential for financing and fair pricing.
  • Environmental Reports: These identify potential contamination or environmental hazards that could impact the property’s value or use.
  • Title Search: Ensures clear ownership and identifies any liens or encumbrances on the property.
  • Zoning and Permitting: Verify that the property’s current and intended use aligns with local zoning regulations and that any necessary permits are in place.


We love to share our clients' success stories. Find out how our funding helped them achieve their dreams and goals.


Easy Process

Hello my name is Nick Galvan, and I’m just here to let you know that Platinum Funding has been very helpful on the process of getting me well over $50,000 credit, and it was very easy, and I really enjoyed working with them. Thank you.
Nick G

Over $75,000

Hi I’m Dixie McGuffin. I want to let you guys know that I was introduced to Platinum Financing and got into their program. Once we got started with a couple weeks we were able to get me $75,125 [as a] line of credit. And it would have been more than that except I was out of town and missed a deadline on one [lender]. But I’m very happy with that number and I would recommend this to anyone who needs the funds for whatever reason.
Dixie M

$99,100 – Penny in CA

Hi I’m Penny Feles and I worked with Platinum Financing Group and they helped me get $99,100 in just a few short weeks. It was very simple, they’re so great to work with and I had no problems and I would recommend them to anyone. Now I can actually go forward with my businesses and things, so thank you!
Penny F
Los Angeles, CA

Got me the money

Hi my name’s Denise, and I just want to say that without Platinum Financing I could not have started this awesome life changing business. They expedited things and got me the money that I needed easily, and I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs funding and especially if they want to change their life and need the funds to do it.
Denise B
Cape Coral, FL

Funded - No USA Credit

Hi my name’s Elise, I’m from Australia and I’m here on a green card, hoping to get my real estate business kicked off. I came to Platinum Financing and I didn’t have any credit so I really didn’t have any expectations of what I was able to get, but they got me tens of thousands of dollars in funding just in a couple of weeks. I’m so grateful, they were so professional and wonderful and we love these guys, so you guys should give them a try. They’ll really help you out and you can get your business kick started.
Elise F
New Mexico


When I started working with Platinum Financing after three weeks I was able to establish over $67,000 worth of line of credit and  the wonderful thing is when I was checking with other companies they all wanted high interest rates plus a lot of money to start with and so much information to check out and this was just just a breathtaking experience to work with platinum and any questions had they answered right away and they were with me constantly in answering questions they were always there when I needed them and it’s just been so wonderful working with them I highly recommend them
Anita C

$88,700 in 3 Weeks

My name is Errol Lewis I’m from Hawthorne, California and with the help of Platinum Financing Group I was able to get $88,700 in a three week time period. The staff was very professional they were very easy to deal with, they were very prompt in any questions I had and they were very explicit that’s what things I needed to do would anything to do it and how I needed to get it done and I certainly would say the experience with the staff was great and I would certainly recommend it to anyone that’s interested in trying to get financing for whether it’s their businesses or were trying to help their dreams like mine to proceed to a higher level.
Errol L

Funded in Days

My name is Jim Pardinez. Platinum Financial Group was able to get a revolving fund for me and zero interest rates for tens of thousands of dollars so I could use it for my real estate investment so you’re in the position of needing revolving fund I strongly suggest you do you applied through them because they could do a good job for you just like what they did for me they were able to get my loan within weeks.
Jim P

Smooth & Easy

[Randy] Our experience with Platinum Financing Group has been awesome. We got everything set, and they were on top of things, it was smooth, it was easy, I definitely would recommend them again. They got me financed within a couple days of me turning in everything, so I definitely recommend them, and they’re great, they’re awesome. [Venus] Yes. Platinum Financing was essential for my brother and I to move forward in our partnership. There’s just so much when it comes to starting a business and you can be completely overwhelmed with everything that you gotta do and they made the financing part a breeze.
Randy & Venus
Los Angeles, CA

Great lines of Credit

… and Platinum Financing really helped me when I needed it. I got some great lines of credit and they really helped me do some things I really wanted to accomplish. They worked so hard, they were so friendly and they did such a great job for me and I’m sure they can do a good job for you too.
Garrie W
Idyllwild, CA


Hi I’m Tricia Call. I used Platinum Financing to fund my business just a few months ago. I did not have to leverage personal assets like the equity in my home, I didn’t have to draw down my savings, I was able to devote and keep my business expenses completely clean from my personal assets. And the exciting thing was they helped me get $105,00.
Patricia C
Springville UT

$120,000 in a few weeks

Hello, my name is Joan, and I applied with Platinum Financing Group last year so that they could help me fund my real estate business. I was expecting to get some sort of help but what I really received was professionalism. They were able to help me get $120,000 right away in a couple of weeks with just a few questions and a few phone calls. It was really a wonderful process and I enjoyed making new friends along the way, and I think everyone should try it.
Joan M
New Mexico
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